Lifting Buffalo Bar (StrongArm Series)

The Buffalo Bar (Strong Arm Series)!!  


Why?!; Designed for lifting heavy weights comfortably! The added thickness & length will spread the load across your back and shoulders, Making it less prone to rolling without changing the shape of the movement! 

Special Customization; Made by our team and made by our own specs for better quality. 

  • A superior steel: Competition Standard- 29mm Chromium Alloy Steel 
  • Enhanced finish: Bare Steel! We love bare steel bars because they have the best feel and grip. Also, the sleeves are a chrome finish for an aesthetic touch.
  • Meaner & Leaner: a full 92 inches with an extra thick block and sleeves
  • Aggressive knurl, as any self-respecting powerlifting bar does. The new buffalo bar features a sharp knurling similar to our Barenaked power bars.

Advantages; So you’ve been in the gym squatting and benching like there is no tomorrow. Hitting PR’s all day. Imagine the effects of heavy weights constantly beating on your shoulders? This is why sometimes squatting can feel like a shoulder workout (Powerlifters understand what I'm saying).

Enter the Buffalo Bar. This is not just some super bent bar. The Buffalo Bar is strategically designed to alleviate stress from your shoulders while squatting. A huge benefit of a cambered bar involves the similarity in movement (when performing with a stiff bar) but with significantly less pressure on your shoulder joints.  

Just Squats?; Unlike a Saftey Squat Bar, the Buffalo Bar can be used for upper body movements too!

It’s the perfect bar for off-season training and is one of the best options to increase volume in-season without damaging your body or completely performing different movements (to the squat). 

Besides squats, the Buffalo Bar is great for bench! With the Buffalo Bars signature bend, you can add several inches to your range of motion. This will help strengthen your press off the chest and assist muscular development. 

- Shipping; (Out of Canada): 

Canada: $40 CAD (or around $29.87 USD) 
USA: $80 CAD (around $55 USD) 




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