Swiss Bar (Bells of Steel Series)

Introducing Our Swiss Bar! 

- What is it?!;Also referred to as the 'football' or 'multi-grip' Bar. The Swiss Bar is undoubtably very popular among strength building equipment. The bar allows for more better training varieties & focuses on developing lockout strength. The emphasis on tricep lockout will alleviate shoulder pain when pressing. 

- Versatility; The bar is primarily used for benching but the application usage is actually much more multifunctional. It is used for the following (& More):

Shoulder Press
JM Press
Board Press
Bench Press
Incline Press
Military Press
Hammer Curls
Triceps Extensions
Front Raises
Front Lateral Raises 
Hammer Curls 
Tricep Skull Crushers 
Clean and Press 
Hammer Curls 

-Strength Building; Neutral grip pressing movement will really develop tricep strength. Not to mention, the bar isn't as stable in comparison to standard bars. This will make the lifter compensate with better stability & more tightness. Evidently leading to better carryover on Bench! 

- Shipping; (Firstly, we are out of Canada): 

Canada: $40 CAD (or around $29.87 USD) 
USA: $80 CAD (around $55 USD) 


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