ER Combo Rack

ER Combo Rack! 

Designed & manufactured by Eric Rasmussen. Worldwide respected and is seen as the most dependable and flexible IPF approved rack system currently available. Eric has valued knowledge that is attributed to 20 years of powerlifting. This was used into the development and production of the prestige combo rack. Now, through an exclusive deal with StrongArm Sport, the World's first and most widely used IPF Certified combination rack is now available in Canada. 

Price Comparison: 
The Eleiko version is $5995 at, the Bull version is $4850 at and neither of those offer custom colors. (We do under request) 

Why is the ER combo rack widely used in championship meets worldwide? 

  • All in one system. Features a squat and bench rack. Perfect for meet directors who have to transport and store equipment or for powerlifters who have limited space but need world class equipment.
  • The entire set, squat and bench rack breaks down and can even be transported in your car. Boxed dimensions are 55" x 20" x 25"
  • No hydraulics! ER harnesses the power of the lever to lift any amount that can be loaded on the bar. Never worry about blown seals or leaks again.
  • Angled rollers on the uprights make lateral adjustments easy, secure and safe.
  • Easy pin adjustments. A solid core within the uprights means the pin will slide easily and completely through the upright without any fumbling around.
  • Easy width adjustments. The uprights tilt from standard to wide widths without having to actually move the floor positions of the base.
  • Bench easily mounts onto the squat rack without the use of special tools.
  • Bench features a spotters platform for additional ease and leverage for lift offs and spotting.
  • Includes bench safety bars that attach easily to the ER Rack. Never risk serious injury again, even when benching alone! (not intended to be used for squatting)
  • Shockproof paint in a variety of colors. (black is default for in-stock racks)
$3650 too much for your budget? Check out the Lifting Combo Rack (StrongArm Series) at a much lower price! ($999)

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