Lifting Deadlift Bar (StrongArm Series)

Plan on deadlifting heavy?! 

You're going to need a strong bar. This is the type of bar that is needed for those elite level lifters pulling 600, 700, 800 & beyond! 

Deadlift Bars (Strong Arm Series) Details: 

The Difference: 

- FLEXIBILITY; considerably more flexible than a moderate power bar. Deadlifting on a regular bar means pulling from a "dead" start. Basically, pulling from 0 to 100% of the weight at once. As you perform a lift, the centre of the bar will rise 3 or 4 inches before the weight proceeds to elevate. This is followed by the inner plates to move first along with the outer edges to follow suit. Which leads to an advantage, a smoother lift, better weight progressive acceleration, and overall more weight being lifted. 

- BIGGER WEIGHTSWe found our athletes to increase their pull around 40-50lbs more with our deadlift bar, in comparison to a standard bar. 

- THINNERIn comparison to a Power Bar. The average standard Power Bar is around 29-30mm. Our 'Deadlift Bar (Strong Arm Series)' is 27 mm. This allows for your hands and fingers to better wrap around the bar. This is intriguing to our double overhand "hook" grip lifters. 

-LONGER SLEEVES; In comparison to a Regular Bar. The longer sleeves allows for a greater amount of plates to be used. Especially important if your gym isn't using competition plates ! (regular plates are thicker) 

KNURLING; Where you need it, not where you don't. Conventional pullers, meaning hands outside your legs, want knurling for their grip while not grabbing your thighs on the way up. This bar has been designed for just that, the knurling on the outside and smooth in the middle. Course knurling also made with sharp points. 

-SPECIALIZED DESIGNCustom made to our specifications for powerlifting and strong man (not an off-the-shelf bar). 

- MATERIAL; Made ofChromium alloy steelwhich is designed to add hardness to the steel.Finish is bare steel on the shaft, along with Chrome sleeves.

- WEIGHT; is 20 kg (or 45lbs). 

-TESTED; The deadlift bars was out under 900kg of pressure without damage of any kind !!

- BEST PRICING; $245 (USD) or $328 (CAD) for an incredible high-end bar 

- SHIPPING RATES; (Firstly, we are out of Canada) We charge a Flat rate which goes as followed: 

Canada:  $40 CAD (or around 29.87 USD) 

Usa: 80 CAD (around $55 USD) 


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