Lifting Combo Rack (StrongArm Series)

Introducing the Lifting Combo Rack (StrongArm Series)!!

Very popular heavy duty bench & rack. Recently, modified to allow the removal of a bench efficiently. Furthermore, making it easier to change between exercises (from bench to squat). Similarly, to the much pricier ER rack we sell & racks seen in the IPF meets. 
Specs MM Inches
Gauge 12
Total width: 1225mm / 48.23 inches
Pad Thickness: 70mm / 2.76 inches
Pad Width: 300mm / 11.81 inches
Height to top of pad: 42cm/16.5 inches (IPF spec is 42-45 cm)
Total Length: 1600mm / 62.99 inches
Adjustable Height: 900 - 1,250mm / 35.4 - 49.21 inches
Weight Capacity: 500kg / 1,100lbs
Weight: 75kg / 165lbs
Tubing: 80mm / 3.15 inches
A meticulously designed all-inclusive competition grade bench & squat rack.

Enjoy heavy lifting? Of course you do. This is the rack you need. A rack that can handle any weight and keep you safe. With band pegs, adjustable safety catchers, adjustable bar height, and a spotter platform. Meets IPF legal dimensions.

Here’s some reason’s why you should have this rack in your gym:

1. Adjustment Levers
People come in all shapes and sizes. How often do lifters find themselves working out with a larger or smaller friend? Considerably frequent. A regular Goodlife gym rack would make this difficult to share a rack between people. However, with our rack you can now adjust the sizes in seconds without even removing the weight itself. Our lever handles will handle that for you! 

2. Simulate the Competition feel
Don't you just love the feel of meet day?! Well these racks are used on those meets. With all the same proper dimensions as a contest rack. 

3. Save Space
Space can be very limited in not only home gyms but even large commercial gyms. The ability to squat and bench in the same place undoubtably conserve space in your gym! 

4. Band pegs.
Band resistance is an essential when training the "Big three". Many squat & bench racks have been designed to accommodate one training method while disregarding another. It is why common bench press designs are practically expired. Our bench has 2 adjustable pegs on each side allowing you to attach bands which creates variable tension.

5. Nylon Rollers
To protect your newest purchased bar. Don't have a bar yet? Try one of ours.
6. Powerfully designed
Up to 1000lbs can be handles by this rack. Easily enough to accommodate the top lifters worldwide. Safety is reassured by the catches & spotter safeties. Not to mention, it meets IPF competition specs which means you'll be ready on game day.

7. Safeties
Customers for our ER brand racks often ask whether or not they should use safety bars when squatting. This is NOT recommended since the rack WILL flip over towards you when heavyweight rolls to the outer end parts of the safeties. Two solutions: 
1) the base of the rack has holes which allows for it to be bolted into the ground
2) the plate storage pins at the front can be loaded up as a counter-balance. Both methods will prevent rollover but we recommend bolting it down if possible. 

"How is it different than an actual ER/Eleiko/Bull rack?"
We get this question a lot. The Lifting Combo Rack (Strong Arm Series) is not meant to be a copy of those great products. The steel is not as heavy and the construction isn't as "craftsman" precise. Overall, we stand behind our product completely and can almost guarantee 100% satisfaction. You will not regret the purchase! 
Canada: Ships anywhere in Canada for $140.
USA: Price of 995 includes shipping anywhere in the US! 

If you are interested in multiple units, please use this form toContact us directly.Depending on location, we may be able to reduce the shipping cost per unit.

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