Hex/Trap Bar (Bells of Steel Series)


The trap bar is a great accessory movement that'll  compliment your deadlift. Even considered by many to be superior to a straight bar. It reduces spine stress relative to the straight bar deadlift since it puts the arms and hands into a near-perfect position.

With a straight bar, lowering the weight can be a problem. Since, the knees get in the way during the descent of the movement. Obviously, the body variations between each lifter makes the movement different for each individual but the main benefit is the minimized technique problems. With that said, its an outstanding addition to training & gyms across the country. 
The benefits are reaped by all who use it. If you are a competitive powerlifter (straight bar dominant training) the bar can still be valuable to your "off-season" training. It greatly reduces unnecessary stress while developing strength. Which will later have carryover effects when you maximize your straight bar deadlift (and even squat) 

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